End-User Performance

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) with SCOM

The End-User Performance gives you insight in the performance of your applications. You’re able to replicate processes in your applications, using simulations. With the data that is extracted from the simulations, you can determine the weakest link in a process and determine the performance.

The extracted data can be used for alert generation, notifications, dashboards and reports. This gives you many ways to get or stay informed with the performance of your applications. The End-User Performance is a handle you use to get grip on the performance and availability of your applications. Visit the website of the End-User Performance to see more.


End2End Performer

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM)

The End2End Performer is a Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) tool, which is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The End2End Performer gives you actual and reliable insight in the IT-services / applications, using an end-user perspective.

With this information you will be able to determine baseline’s of the IT services using SLA’s / XLA’s. This gives you the opportunity to measure and compare the performance of your IT services before and after changes.


Productivity Performer

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

The Productivity Performer generates and checks application-workinstructions for user-guides, manuals and e-learning content, which leads to an uniform way of working, efficient onboarding and knowledge.

Using application-workinstructions leads to uniformity. By assuring that employees use applications in the same and correct way, productivity increases.


TOPdesk Connector

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIops)

The TOPdesk Connector is used to integrate SCOM Alerts with the incident management process. It will help to streamline the completion of the alerts generated by the monitoring solution according to the incident management process used for all other reported issues.

Find out how the TOPdesk Connector can help you and your organisation. Click the button for more information!



PolderValley is a software development specialist. We develop and deliver monitoring solutions on the specific areas IT performance and End-to-End performance. We can apply our unique concept by using monitoring tools, add-ons, visualization and our own developed products. With the combination of these factors we can create great opportunities for our customers by giving them performance insights and support them to analyse it.

We’re part of INVINITV. INVINITIV, a spin-off of the University of Twente, is a result-oriented group cooperating organizations, all in the Digital Performance domain. They work closely together at the headquarters in Hengelo. Our specialisations are IT-automation for Application Performance Monitoring; implementation of monitoring solutions; hybrid cloud solutions and training, coaching and the embedding of “21st Century Skills”.

Our goal is continuously developing smart high-end, intelligent products. To accomplish this we have a tight-knit, experienced and intelligent team with master degreed colleagues.

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