SCOM / OMS Management Packs

The End-User Performance gives you insight in the performance of your applications. You’re able to replicate processes in your applications, using simulations. With the data that is extracted from the simulations, you can determine the weakest link in a process and determine the performance.

The extracted data can be used for alert generation, notifications, dashboards and reports. This gives you many ways to get or stay informed with the performance of your applications. The End-User Performance is a handle you use to get grip on the performance and availability of your applications. Visit the website of the End-User Performance to see more.

Service Management Connector

For many organisations it’s useful that certain departments solve problems that are associated with them. Many actions performed by hand in your process are automated by the Connector. Because of this, even more efficiency arises. For example: A map is created in TOPdesk, because of an alert in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

To conclude, because of the TOPdesk Connector the integration of monitoring inside of IT service management becomes user friendly. Which makes it possible for you to work more efficient.

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